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Ipl1100 Laser Hair Removal

سعر عادي 440,000 سعر البيع396,000 احفظ 44,000
الشحن محسوب عند السداد.

  • في اسهم وأمبير. على استعداد للسفينة
  • جرد في الطريق

Laser Hair Removal

 Triple  Smart Ice Cooling Technology

Corded Use

Ergonomically Designed

Permanent Hair Removal Technology

5 Light Energy Settings

Underarms, Bikini, Body, Face

Developed With Dermatologists

Gentle And Effective Treatment

Stamp And Flash

Slide Auto Flash System 

Delivers 500,000 Flashes

With Razor Accessory

Eye Protecting Glasses

Lcd Digital Display

Legs/Hands/Back Filter  

48W Power

98% Hair Reduction In 12 Weeks

Skin Rejuvenation Technology

Sapphire Icy Surface

Holding & Storage Base 

Application Time:

Lower Legs

    8,5 Min

Bikini Line

    2 Min

Face Areas

    1,5 Min


    2,5 Min


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