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CLD1290 Clothes Dryer

سعر عادي 139,000 سعر البيع125,000 احفظ 14,000
الشحن محسوب عند السداد.
  • في اسهم وأمبير. على استعداد للسفينة
  • جرد في الطريق

Clothes Dryer

Low Noise System

Top Holes for Steam Releasing

Unique Detachable PTC Heater


Anti-Wrinkle Drying Technology

15-360 Minutes Timer

Working Temperature 65℃±5℃

Reliable Foldable Frame

Strong Weight Capacity 15kg 

Hanging System 2 Levels And 4 Partitions

Low Noise System

Water Proof Covering Sheet

3d Hot Air Circulation Technology

Fast Heating System

Generous Storage Size 715*450*1650 Mm


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