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Ccg500 Coffee Grinder

سعر عادي 105,000 سعر البيع95,000 احفظ 10,000
الشحن محسوب عند السداد.
  • في اسهم وأمبير. على استعداد للسفينة
  • جرد في الطريق

Coffee Grinder

100W Dc Motor

40G Bean Container

80G Removable Ground Coffee Container

Ceramic Conical Grinding System

6 Grinding Settings (Fine, Medium, Coarse)

Perfect For Espresso (Fine Grinding)

Perfect For Drip Coffee (Medium Grinding)

Perfect For French Press (Coarse Grinding)

Safety On/Off Switch

Keeps Beans Cool While Grinding

Easy To Clean

Low Noise System

Keep Natural Beans Flavor While Grinding

Optimum Fresh Grinding Results

Sleek Invocative Design


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